Summary of iLab's operation

Jimmy Draper made this Freedom of Information request to iLab Training Authority

The request was successful.

From: Jimmy Draper


Dear iLab Training Authority,

Please provide me a summary of iLab's operation

Yours faithfully,

Jimmy Draper


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From: Carter Draper
iLab Training Authority

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Hi Jimmy,
Thank you for requesting information from iLab.
Please find attached the requested as well visit our
website [1] for more about our operations.
Sncerely yours,
iLab PIO
Carter J. Draper                                               
Director of Programs
*iLab_ Liberia
Twitter:       @draperc
Skype:        carter.j.draper
Mobile #s:    [2]+231.88.640.3018/ [3]+


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2. http://+231.88.640.3018/
3. http://+

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