Liberia National Police

A public authority, also called LNP

The Liberian National Police

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Kindly have me informed on how effective is the police professional standard division amidst high bribery scandals, drug trafficking and crime faci...
Datasets of Crime statistics for 2014
Response by Liberia National Police to Carter Draper on .

Awaiting classification.

This how the certificate of business registration looks like.
Arm robbery request
Request sent to Liberia National Police by Boikai A.V. Sirleaf on .

Long overdue.

Arm robbery statistics for the month of May Yours faithfully, Boikai A.V. Sirleaf
Request for police misconduct dataset
Request sent to Liberia National Police by Carter Draper on .

Reported for administrator attention.

Are you using the new Police Misconduct and Professional ethics system iLab setup? If so, I will like to have a copy of the datasets between March 1...
The new Deputy Director Operation
Request sent to Liberia National Police by William S. F. Cole on .

Awaiting classification.

Please send me the name of the newly appointed Deputy Director for Operations. Yours faithfully, William S. F. Cole

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